Videos between 1 and 5 minutes in length are the ones that get the best performance on Facebook

Despite all the controversy that constantly surrounds Facebook, it is still the king of social networks, and millions of people day after day log into their accounts to interact with other users and with brands. We know that videos are the content that generate the most interactions between users, but what is the ideal duration for this type of content? Socialbakers, the social media marketing platform, has decided to share with us the duration of the videos that get the best and worst performance on Facebook.
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Videos of between 1 and 5 minutes perform better on Facebook
Socialbakers analyzed the use of videos on Facebook based on their duration, identifying which ones performed best on Facebook, and they were measured with respect to the median of interactions, their reach and performance index.
The study divided the videos into 5 different groups:
• Very short videos: that is, those whose duration is less than 11.8 seconds.
• Short videos: those videos whose duration is greater than 11.8 seconds but that last less than 25.5 seconds.
• Medium Length Videos: Videos longer than 25.5 seconds, but less than 65.1 seconds.
• Videos of moderate duration: those that are longer than 65.1 seconds, but less than 5 minutes.
• Long videos: videos that are longer than 5 minutes.
To obtain the performance index, the following formula was taken:
Performance Index = Unique video views greater than 3 seconds / Unique impressions * 100
According to the information, videos with a duration between 1 to 5 minutes are those that present the highest performance on Facebook.
In fact, the study shows that, if we compare the entire length of the video in the performance index, those moderate and large videos score between 20 and 25%, while the very short and short videos have a poorer performance, which has gone decreasing to less than 17%.
Regarding the performance on Facebook for large and moderate videos, over time it has shown very similar patterns, only that during the month of July there has been a greater difference and a decrease in performance for long videos, according to Socialbakers.
Scope of videos on Facebook according to their duration
In March 2020, the highest performance was registered for all formats, probably due to how the pandemic affected most of the countries and forced them to confine themselves, however, from January to April 2020, the scope of long videos was reduced by almost 80%.
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Finally, the report shows that the difference between interactions is not that wide between moderate and long videos (68 vs. 77 interactions), however, the medium range is larger (6972 vs. 8487).
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