You may have thyroid disease without knowing it

Millions of people live with thyroid disease without even realizing it. If you feel tired all the time, if you just feel annoyed, if you feel confused or do not understand where your world is coming from, thyroid disease can be the cause.

Thyroid disease can affect your life in so many ways. Everyone's experience is different. Some people find that they are not as mentally alert as before. Some find that they are constantly tired. Some experience significant weight gain. Some people have trouble sleeping. Some people have depression. The list goes on and on.

Symptoms are also easily confused with many other ailments. Some people with thyroid disease go for years without proper treatment. They get the wrong infection one after the other. They try to treat various ailments that their doctors think they may have. But nothing seems to work.

If this sounds normal, consider a thyroid as an opportunity.

Understanding Your Thyroid

Your thyroid uses iodine and the amino acid tyrosine to make hormones that help regulate your metabolism. Occasionally, your thyroid becomes overactive. It produces too much thyroid hormone and kicks your metabolism into overdrive. This is called hyperthyroidism. Normally, you will start to lose weight, you will have trouble sleeping, and you will feel frustrated and angry. Your heart may be beating faster than usual or abnormally. You too will feel hot most of the time.

Hyperthyroidism can be caused by inflammation of the thyroid gland and can heal once the thyroid has healed. It can also be caused by chronic diseases such as Graves'. In these cases, thyroid hormones are used to restore thyroid hormones.

In some cases, the thyroid gland becomes tired and does not perform its function as it should. Your body does not produce enough thyroid hormones and your body's metabolism slows down. This is called hypothyroidism. You feel tired and weak, you have trouble concentrating, and you may start to gain weight.

Hypothyroidism is considered an autoimmune disease. Whatever the cause, your immune system attacks your thyroid gland and impairs its function.

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore thyroid function once it is lost. But you can control the disease by taking a supplement from a supplementary thyroid doctor. This process takes trials and mistakes to make you feel like you are back to normal. Too many hormonal changes can mimic hyperthyroidism. Too little will not fix your symptoms.

There are natural and synthetic forms of thyroid hormones. With most patients, I see a great deal of naturalness, so I try that first. Some patients respond better to artificial insemination, so if nature does not work for you, do not be afraid to change. However, try the natural form first.

Getting the Right Test

The first step is to suspect that you have thyroid disease. Here's what you need to do. Place a thermometer next to your bed. In the morning, when you get up, put a thermometer light bulb in your arm. (Make sure there is no clothing between the skin and the thermometer). Wait ten minutes if you use a mercury thermometer. For a digital thermometer, wait until it rings. Write the temperature in a notebook.

Do this every day for three weeks. After three weeks, calculate your average rise in temperature. If your normal waking temperature drops below the normal range of 97.8 to 98.2, you may have a low thyroid. If it falls, you may have hyperthyroidism.

Once you have had a temperature test, if it supports that you have thyroid disease, visit your doctor and ask for a TSH test. This test is used to determine if your thyroid is not working properly.
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