Path Of Exile: Top 3 Heist Builds, Ranked

Path of Exile’s latest league, Heist, includes a brand new endgame event for players to start. Although these robbers sometimes go off-road, they provide a lot of POE Chaos Orb for those who can bravely face the overthrown guards.

Since the enemies tied to Contracts and Grand Heists are so tough,, many players are looking for buildings that can cause a lot of damage and receive the same punishment. There is no perfect choice for the construction of Path of Exile,at least not without particularly expensive options. Fortunately, there are many top products with different prices and game styles, players should keep these in mind. Players can try these 3 excellent construction methods in the Heist League in Path of Exile.

Toxic Rain Miner Trickster
Players can use Poison Rain without a bow, but can use mines to support them to quickly apply multiple piles of poison on the target. Compared with the Pathfinder self-casting variant, the Trickster miner variant is much cheaper and does not rely on flasks for defense. Compared with the gear pathfinder, this comes at the cost of some damage, but in most cases, the difference in damage is negligible.

Raise Spectre Necromancer
After «Reemption Sentries» was weakened in version 3.12, the «Ghost» version has been looking for new enemies to resurrect. But so far, the star of the league is the betrayal syndicated operator. These enemies can be found in the Syndicate Safe House mission. Other reliable options for Ghosts include the Redemption Sentry, the Frost Auto Scout for looting contracts, and the slave driver for players with limited budgets. In any case, almost every ghost is built around cold damage. Use four green Triad sleeve grips to convert the physical damage of the creeps into cold. This will double Hatred's aura of aura and make Frost Bomb and Frostbite Hex invaluable for weakening powerful enemies.

Carrion Golem Elementalist
Some players may have noticed that Golem-related equipment related to Helem has become more expensive. This is due to the proliferation of player alliances that started as Carrion Golem Elementalist. This is a powerful minion building that can reduce all content with minimal investment. Carrion golems can wipe the floor with almost all enemies, because they can cause huge damage when calling more minions. The increased damage of the summoned beasts is enough to make these golems work at the beginning of the league, but players who like gameplay can pursue halo cluster jewels and mana retention to give these golems some extra power.

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