What is the target: how to define it in 4 easy steps

Today from M4C, we explain in detail the secrets to define your target or target audience as quickly as possible. In addition to explaining what the target is and how to define it, we will offer you the list of tools that can help us get the information we need about our clients.
And it is that, we could say that the target is a concept as old or older than that of marketing. Basically there would be no business without a target, so it has always been important to be clear to which audience we are going to target our product or service. The only difference from the past (unique but fundamental) is the number of tools that we can use to obtain the most relevant and interesting information from our clients, and in this way devise the best strategy for each group of clients within our target.
What is the target
Many times, in the world of marketing, we talk about potential customers, niche, target audience, target … etc. Normally, people who use these terms, know what they mean and are clear about their concepts, but for the rest that may confuse them, here is a simple explanation.
We could make the target similar to our target audience and potential audience, either from an eCommerce (customers) or from a marketing campaign (audience). In this way, when we talk about what the target is, we are referring to that group of people who, due to their qualities and characteristics, have a high potential, or there is a high probability that they may become a consumer of our product in the future. or service.
It is therefore the group of people to whom all marketing efforts must be focused to attract them to our brand. In other words, it is everyone who may be interested in what we sell.
Therefore, it is essential to be clear to which audience or type of clients we want to deliver our product. For example, we could say that Meetic, a web platform for singles, would focus all its marketing strategies on reaching that target audience and therefore would not unite efforts to reach married people or couples. Being clear about what the target is is essential for the success of any company qnnit.
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What is the target: how to define it in 4 easy steps
By following these steps, we will be able to get to know the public in depth, to whom we will dedicate all our efforts to attract them to our brand or, loyalty them if they are already current customers. Without a doubt, the more information we have about our public, the better definition we will make of them, so that decision-making will become an easier routine to carry.
Let's start.
1- Define the demographic profile of your client
In the first place, the data that is always easier to obtain from the client we are going to target, are those related to the demographic environment. In this way, we must ask ourselves about the variable Sex, male or female? Maybe both.
Another very relevant demographic variable is age, since it is not the same to target adolescents as it is for people over 65 years of age, since tastes change as well as the way and channels through which we reach each of them. The variable place is of utmost importance because it will allow us to greatly reduce the range in which we are going to focus.
In other words, perhaps our product or service is intended only for Spaniards or people residing in Spain or perhaps we are only going to market locally. Although it is important, today, and thanks to eCommerce, although we do not have a physical store in any part of the world, we can actually sell there, so this variable would be subject to the simple question of Do we want to have eCommerce or not?
2- Define the sociocultural profile of your client
Equally important are the variables related to the sociocultural environment such as the economic level of our clients, the educational level, the languages they speak, their customs or values. As an example, imagine that a company that is dedicated to making veils for Muslim women, advertise these veils in an advertising campaign where a woman in a swimsuit appears next to the veil. In this case, the definition of their customs and values would have been failed, so this campaign would fail.
3- Define the digital profile of your client
Today this definition is as important as the previous ones. And, it is essential to know the user profile of our client, that is, what social networks do you use? Are you active in these media? What is your browsing frequency? By what keywords do you search for the product or service that we offer? Solving these questions is very important especially when it comes to conducting online advertising campaigns or simply to improve our SEO positioning with respect to what the client is looking for.
4- Other key questions to define what is the target of your company
Not all companies carry out more filters to define their objective or target customers, but we really recommend going further and getting to know your target better. Other key questions you could ask yourself are: Where do your visits to the web come from? From a direct search or a banner? From where do they access your website? Home, office or public places? And finally and with respect to the competition, what other places do your customers visit?
Congratulations, you already know your target! When we have answered all these questions we will be ready to take the second step: Try to reach them in the most effective way possible.
Tools to define what is the target in your company
Precisely the digital factor is the most relevant when it comes to obtaining information. Is, thanks to tools like Twitter Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Google Trends, Google Analytics… etc. We can obtain many of the answers to the questions formulated in previous sections such as age, likes, interests, residence, sex, frequency of navigation… etc.
All this and much more is possible nowadays to know it with a single click, we just have to have accounts on these social media. Finally, some marketing automation tools such as Salesforce or Hubspot could help you find answers in the hard, but simple process of defining what your company's target is.
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