Dead Island cheats for PS3

Cheat Index
Duplicate objects and easy money
Video guide
There is a way to duplicate items, which sold will be a way to easily get money.
Equip the weapon you want to duplicate in the inventory wheel. Now equip the weapon and keep the left trigger pressed. Launch it and as soon as it launches, hold Y (Xbox 360) or triangle (PS3). You will have released the weapon and you will have a copy.
Everyone is gone
Get all the other trophies.
Extraordinary Collection
Plunder 5 extraordinary weapons.
School of Life
Reach level 50.
Busy, Busy, Busy
Complete 75 missions cumulatively.
Four Horsemen
Complete Act I with 4 different characters.
Banoi's Atonement
Complete Act IV.
Create weapons to compete with the gods of fire or thunder.
A little tourist city
Complete act II.
Hit the controls
Kill 150 enemies using the analog combat controls.
From top to bottom
Explore the entire island.
I want one of those.
Customize 25 weapons.
King of the jungle
Complete Act III.
Hell in Paradise
Complete Act I.
Other tricks of the Resident Evil saga
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crushed ice maker
Granada goes!
Kill an infected with a grenade.
A Little Bit of Everything
Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons.
Ten Heads Are Better
Than Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots.
A very special day
Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons.
How many days exactly?
Play Dead Island at least 28 days after playing it for the first time.
Slam Kill 250 zombies with blunt melee weapons.
The Tricks of the Trade
Reach level 10.
student.Reach level 25.
Kill 50 human enemies.
Kill a suicide with a grenade.
Knock knock
Open a closed door at the first knock.
Slash and Slash
Kill 250 zombies with sharp melee weapons.
I have to find them all.
Find 60 of the collectibles.
One is enough for me.
Kill 5 infected followed by a single blow.
Almost Almost
Find 120 of the collectibles.
Everyone Lies
Use a large medicine cabinet to heal an injury of 5% or less.
God of Thunder
Use a hammer to kill 15 zombies without taking damage.
Weapons don't kill, they help
Kill 250 zombies with firearms.
Save 5 people harassed by zombies.
Heal yourself 100 times with a medicine cabinet.
Need help?
Join another player's game.
Don't even think about
killing a rammer with the ramming ability.
Warranty is void if used
Create a custom weapon.
Ah! Spoiled meat!
Kill a butcher with an ax.
How Much Hate
Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks.
Host Cast
Kill 25 zombies with bare fists.
Gift of People
Play with 10 different partners in cooperative mode for at least 15 minutes with each one.
It is a wound of nothing!
Mutilate 100 members.

Ménage à trois
Complete 5 missions with 3 companions in cooperative mode.
Karma geddon
Kill 50 zombies with a vehicle.
Play in a cooperative team of 4 different playable characters.
covers a distance of 20 kilometers on foot.
Together Forever
Complete 5 missions in a single cooperative match with the same partners.
By road Travel
a total distance of 10 kilometers in a vehicle.
Stable Relationship
Complete 25 missions while playing with at least one partner in co-op mode.
Fire Set 10 zombies on fire at once.
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