DiDi arrives in Puebla and shares its 3 functions to travel safely

Watch out Uber! The DiDi mobile transport platform continues with a firm pace its expansion throughout the national territory, and has announced that from next February 26 DiDi arrives in Puebla offering discounts to all passengers in this city during its first months of operation, in addition to many free travel.
DiDi arrives in Puebla to compete against Uber
Now that DiDi arrives in Puebla, new users who download and register on their mobile app will be able to access a 30% discount on all their trips. «The city of Puebla has proven to be a very important urban center, where mobility is key for the different productive sectors, including industry and tourism. Therefore, Puebla is an ideal place to show the benefits that DiDi can bring to the community, ” said Andrés Valencia, Operations Leader for DiDi's southern region.
However, the transport app does not only want to gain users in this important city. DiDi arrives in Puebla offering higher profits for its drivers. “For driving partners, DiDi's proposal offers higher earnings through the most competitive service rate in the market, and guaranteed earnings programs of up to 15,000 pesos per week, as we believe that our partners deserve fair earnings. We will offer passengers affordable rates and a high quality safe service, » Valencia added in a statement.
In Puebla, DiDi will offer discounts to its users and better earnings for its drivers
According to DiDi, these actions will create competition that will create a fairer market for everyone: passengers who take advantage of a more accessible and convenient service, as well as driving partners who will obtain a higher percentage of profits generated from their trips.
DiDi's 3 safety features
Transport apps have seen their credibility and trust have been eroded due to some security flaws that have occurred in recent months and DiDi does not want this to happen with its platform. That is why, thinking of improving the experience of its users and in order to increase security on their trips, it also presented 3 functions with which it hopes to gain confidence and provide greater tranquility to its passengers in Mexico. These functions are:
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1. 24/7 support and attention
DiDi ensures that through its security center, a team of specialists is always ready to attend to the user with any questions or requests for information at any time through the telephone number 01 800 988 8888.
2. Share your trip
All DiDi users in Mexico can share their trip information with up to 5 trusted people from the same app. In this way, friends or family will receive the information of the vehicle in which the passenger is traveling, in addition to their location in real time, simply by accessing the link that will reach their mobile devices.
Chinese mobility company DiDi will enter Mérida
3. Security button
If at any time during your journey you require assistance, you can press the security button. When doing so, the trip itinerary will be automatically sent to trusted contacts indicating that you are in an emergency situation. In addition, users can contact 911 or the DiDi Ration Center hotline, in order to coordinate with a specialized security team.
In addition, the Chinese mobility company informs that when you are in an emergency situation, you must report it immediately to receive the necessary assistance and support, in order to give adequate follow-up both with DiDi and with the corresponding authorities.

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