Remodeling your kitchen with a budget of 5 or 10 thousand pesos

Give your kitchen a second look and increase the value of your home by making renovations that don't put your portfolio at risk. We give you 5 ideas.
We share 5 tips to remodel your kitchen at faisal hills taxila and give it new energy with small adjustments that will have a great impact on the image of your home. You can choose to make all the suggested changes or only the ones that convince you the most.
1. Enhance the space with white paint
White in the kitchen will always give an aspect of hygiene and spaciousness to that space. It is a color that combines with everything, regardless of the material of your furniture or appliances.
We suggest you choose a paint that helps you cover the space at park view villas with one hand. Depending on the size of the surface, you could use a four-liter pot. In the market there are ecological paints, with antibacterial properties and that prevent the formation of mold or the accumulation of dust on your walls. There are options from 319 pesos to 609 pesos in a four-liter presentation.
2. White LED lighting
The best light for the kitchen space at ichs town islamabad will always be white light, since it gives a more spacious and aseptic appearance. It is very practical because it allows youo see even the last corner of your furniture, both for cleaning and for objects that fall off while you cook. In addition, the LED light has an energy saving technology that considerably reduces light consumption. There are lights with a power of 75 W but with a real consumption of only 15 W.
With LED light you can reduce the electrical consumption of your home up to 90% compared to incandescent bulbs and 40% with fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs have a life span of 10 to 15 years; and its cost depends on the use you give it. For example, there are LED bulbs for wall lamps, pendant lamps, ceiling lights, etc. Its price ranges from 52.5 pesos in individual spotlights, to 3,555 pesos LED lamps that will make your kitchen look very modern.
3. Shelves
Eliminate kitchen furniture that is already too old. It may be time to replace them with shelves that allow you to keep storing your cooking materials or install your microwave or coffee maker. There are plastic or chrome metal options that are very strong and easy to clean. Its price ranges between 355 and 1,299 pesos.
4. Taps to enhance the look of your sink
Did you know that park view city City has one of the highest water consumption in the world? This is 312 liters per inhabitant per day, according to UNAM data. Most are used in the garden, bathroom and kitchen.
Replacing your kitchen faucet with a new one will not only refresh the look of your sink and your entire kitchen, it will also help you care for this valuable liquid. Try to find long-necked taps to make cleaning your junk easier.
There are options that are anti-fingerprint, made of chrome with a polished finish, resistant, easy to install and maintain. They even have reinforced mechanisms that prevent water runoff when not needed. You will find options from 1,500 pesos.
5. Kitchen accessories
Other elements that enhance the look of your kitchen are the towel rails, shelves and accessories for hanging kitchen utensils such as spoons, ladles, knives, tongs, etc. Take the test and you will see how the details will make a difference at. You can establish a budget of two thousand pesos to renew these accessories, the difference will be noticeable.
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