Day 5 of super september combined with community event

On September 5, 2013, the task is Mad Skills, it means training at the least 15 different Skills a single day. Each super challenge, will reward you with XP and continuous super hero is able to see the part with the active, and complete today's challenges you are able to get every 5x after super hero because the theme with the reward. Greetings, Scapers! A week, another round of community — per week! We already have a secret great daily challenges in OSRS Gold September, our first divination 99 s and — obviously — the loyalty of an new shop update! In order to enable you to the wind all these activities in the community, newer and more effective message here!

Jagex people flocking on the Twitter talk with you on the junk mail one another, and things Runescape! Now, you may find our new, special BBS theme Jagex a summary of all the staff with the Twitter account. Do you support Zamorak? Don't understand why someone would follow SEREN? Then look into the messenger to vote, to find out how your loyalty involves others!

If you might be a fan music inside game, then check out the interview of RuneScape Gold classic FM, through which he brought up the composer James hannigan — among other things — about shanda's work, he made in 3 Runescape! Deviant artists found some epic Strengthofthesun skills, and also the description of filth Verac's iconic armor sets. If it is not a remarkable enough to demonstrate talent, the image here is simply a first draft!
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