5 Future Car Technologies That Truly Have A Chance

The automotive industry has embraced the current new technology that is specifically meant for enhancing safety, entertainment, pure innovation, and usefulness.

The car manufacturing industry has embraced the new technology where they use this technology to enhance the safety of their cars. Some of the latest innovations in the car industry have been considered the most exciting technologies that are likely to revolutionize human transport and the automotive industry in general. Based on what we are witnessing on our roads today, it is a clear indication that the new technology is likely to make it to production. Some of the cars manufactured using the new technology will help to enhance human safety while others will help to disseminate information unlike before. Besides, some will help us to kick back and enjoy the ride unlike before. The following are some of the five future car technologies that truly have a chance;

1.Cars That Have the Ability to Communicate With Each Other:

The U.S government in collaboration with the car manufacturers are carrying out intensive research in order to enable two cars to converse to each other and any object that is around them. They have developed a technology known as Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication. The technology is deemed to decrease the number of accidents on our roads. V2V functions by means of signals that are wireless in order to disseminate information forth and back between the two vehicles regarding their speed, direction, and location. The information further is disseminated to other cars for safety measures to be applied. Besides, the V2V technology, another technology known as Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) has been discovered. This technology has the ability to allow the vehicle to read traffic signals and road signs and then disseminate the information to the car concerning its safety issues measures. Besides, the V2I has the capability to request traffic information from the traffic management system that will enable it to access the best routes. Through incorporating these technologies in the automotive industry, it will help transform how we drive and increase safety measures.

2.Self-Driving Cars:

The idea of manufacturing cars that can drive on their own has not started now. It is evident that currently, we have cars that can park themselves safely and this a typical example of a self-driving car. For instance, in the city of Nevada and California, Google engineers have tried to test cars that are self-driving for more than 321,869 kilometers of roads and public highways. These cars are fitted with computers that help in viewing road signs, see traffic lights and search for alternative routes. Through the use of cameras, lasers and radars the cars have the ability to process and analyze information very first about their surroundings as compared to human beings.

3.Augmented Reality Dashboards

The GPS and other in-car display that are fitted in the modern car are believed to be taking us from point A to point B. some of the vehicles that belong to the high end have some displays on their windshield. This means that the future cars will have the ability to identify and display information on the windshield for the driver to read concerning on any external objects that are in front of the driver. For instance, the BMW has already taken a step in implementing the windshield displays on some of their cars that gives critical information. Besides, they are making a dashboard for augmented reality that will have the ability to recognize an object that is in front of the vehicle and relay the information to the driver how far they are from the object. Augmented reality may not be implemented in the near future, but if the auto industry will succeed in implementing this technology then we will be seeing it in our future cars.

4.Airbags that helps stop a car:

Since the airbags were invented and fitted in our vehicles, they have continued to have their ways around the inside of our cars. Currently, there are various types of airbags such as the knee airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags seat belt airbags and even the ones that are deployed under us. For instance, the Mercedes has experimented these airbags where they have deployed them underneath their cars in order to help them stop before they crash. The airbags are composed of friction coating which aids in decreasing the speed of the vehicle and has the potential to double the power for stoppage of the car. Besides, the airbags can lift the car above of about 8 centimeters which helps to counter the dipping motion of the car during hard braking

5.Energy-storing Body panels:

According to the new prediction, it is believed by the year 2040 a half of all the cars coming from the production will be hybrid. Though it sounds good they suffer some setbacks. For instance, they have very heavy batteries which occupy a very large space.in Europe, a group of researchers working in the automotive industry are testing body panels that have the ability to charge fast and store energy as compared to current conservative batteries. These body panels are fixed using carbon resin and polymer fibers which are considered to be strong enough. The panels are believed to reduce the weight of the vehicle up to 15%.

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